Waiver, Acknowledgement of risks, injury & obligations

I acknowledge that the activity (parkour, freerunning, and exercise of any kind) I am to undertake is a dangerous activity and that by participating in it I am exposed to certain risks.

I am responsible to consult with my physician before engaging in exercise or any other type of physical activity.

I acknowledge and understand that whilst participating in such activity;

  • My personal property may be lost or damaged;
  • Other persons participating in such activity may cause me injury or may damage my property;
  • I may cause injury to other persons or damage their property;
  • The conditions in which the activity is conducted may vary without warning;
  • I may be injured or die or suffer damage to my property as a result of the negligence or breach of contract of PPKIV, LLC;
  • There may be no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of me if I am injured;
  • I may use property, equipment, objects, obstacles, or structures, man-made and/or natural, for activities other than their intended uses;
  • PPKIV LLC is not responsible in any way for any injury, loss, damage or death caused to myself or my property as a result of any type of equipment failure;
  • I may be injured, physically or mentally, or may die;
  • I assume the risk and responsibility for any injury, death, or property damage resulting from my participation in the activity;

I participate in the activity at my sole risk and responsibility. I release, indemnify and hold harmless PPKIV, LLC its servants and agents, from and against all and any actions or claims which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property whether by negligence, breach of contract or in any way whatsoever. I grant exclusive permission to PPKIV, LLC its servants and agents to use my name, likeness, videos, and photographs for the purpose of publicity, public relations, or other advertising purposes without restriction as to frequency or duration. I also agree to complete a feedback questionnaire, "the survey" to be administered by a Pinnacle Parkour Academy representative upon completion of my initial visit, "the free trial class".

PPK Academy Rules and Regulations

Pinnacle Parkour Academy is a training facility. Students are here to learn; to train the mind and body to safely overcome obstacles in their path. Students will work to consistently keep focus on goals here; which is to become stronger physically and mentally. Safety will be first in the mind at all times while training in this facility. Training safely and taking practices very seriously minimizes the risk of injury. Students will show respect to others and to property inside and outside of this facility. Parkour & Freerunning training can be fun. Having fun should not distract anyone from the main objective. Train Safe!


By stepping onto the training floor, students agree to adhere to the following safety rules and regulations:


1. No diving into the foam pit. One at a time in the foam pit. Only jump into the foam pit from the foam pit deck.

2. Always attempt to land on your feet (as if it were pavement) when jumping, swinging, or flipping into the foam pit.


4. Mats should be used as safety precautions. They should NOT be used for carelessness and/or standard landings.

5. No climbing, standing, landing, or hanging from any structures that were not built by the PPK Team (If you are unsure about a structure, please ask.)

6. Only yellow bands and above are permitted in designated areas.

7. You must have a spotter for all climbing above head height including: ropes, scaffolding, and walls. You may ONLY use the warped wall and Salmon Ladder once an instructor has cleared you.

8. No unauthorized "high risk" techniques or flips are to be performed anywhere in the facility (including the foam pit) without the approval of a PPK Team Member.

9. Always be aware of your surroundings; running, jumping, and falling into your fellow traceurs and other obstacles can be avoided by looking before you move.

10. No food or drink on the training floor


11. Only students are permitted on training floor during class or open gym times. Parents, friends and siblings need to remain in the waiting area for their safety.

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